Technical Analysis 101

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Technical Analysis is not very difficult to learn. If you can spot patterns and like looking at pictures, then you can learn technical analysis.
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The best technical indicators are used to make reading charts easy. Indicators take price information and create a simple picture of the price overlaid onto the chart.

One of the most popular technical indicators are candlesticks. Candlestick charts are widely used for their ease of use. When you look at a candlestick chart, you can easily see where the price opened in relation to the day before, where the price closed that day, and whether the price closed up or down for the day.

Although every trader is different, many traders will use moving averages to determine if a stock or currency pair is bullish or bearish. The typical average number line used is the 200 moving average.

Combined with basic fundamental analysis, technical analysis is a great way to tackle the markets.
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  1. Dana says:

    My favorite technical indicators are candlestick, volume, and stochastic. I fave them since offer the simple and easy indicator yet good reliability.

  2. Doctor Stock says:

    Interesting site… and a compliment to what I’m doing. I’ll have to be sure to send people this way as they ask their “technical” questions.

  3. MoneyCone says:

    Nice coverage MWS! Technical analysis when used with other metrics can be a very valuable tool in investing.

    Glad I found your site!

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