What Miss Wallstreet Wears: Super Sleek Pencil Skirts

Office wear, that most fearful of fashion arenas. There’s always someone who looks better than you, someone more in tune with current fashion trends. What to wear? Do you stick with strict black and white ensembles, or mellow out with a floaty, hippy-esque look? Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have at least one occasion a week where you feel out of place, whether because you are dressed too formally or not smartly enough. Add to the mix the confusion of dress-down Fridays, and dressing for work becomes a free-for-all!

Kardashian Kollection Wallstreet Pencil Skirt

Let me tell you, there is a way to avoid all of this unnecessary hassle. By investing in a pencil skirt, you will be able to successfully navigate the office’s treacherous fashion waters.

The pencil skirt is a tapered skirt that sits comfortably around the hip and fits tightly down to just above the knee. It has a slimming effect on the legs and waist, creating a flattering, yet curvaceous effect. Pencil skirts come in a range of colors and fabrics to suit every taste. They have been around for a long time but have recently undergone a revival. Now, pencil skirts are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for office wear for women. Here, we discover why office wear is pencil skirt-shaped this spring.

Why would you choose a pencil skirt? Firstly, it works well with virtually any top. Pair it with a t-shirt on a summer’s day. Wear it with a loose shirt in the autumn. In winter, wrap up warm with a black pencil skirt and a white polo neck. However you choose to wear it, you are guaranteed to still look sufficiently smart to surpass muster at any office occasion. Versatile and sophisticated, the pencil skirt is an affordable way of reviving your work wardrobe.

This season, the hot office trends include chiffon shirts, lacy tops and hints of leather and metallic colors. To be on trend for 2013, how about wearing a nude colored pencil skirt with a light blue chiffon blouse? Or, you could opt for a monochrome look, teaming a black pencil skirt with a white lace blouse. Alternatively, complement your pencil skirt with a pretty pair of strappy court shoes in a pastel pink to create a look just right for spring.

Equipped with your pencil skirt, you will never again have to worry about feeling out of place at work. The skirt is flattering to most women and slims your figure, whilst also working well with any top half.

All in all, wearing a pencil skirt will help you to look on trend this season. With such a wide choice of colors and styles to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a skirt perfect for you.

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